“Managed Service Provider” is the new hype in technology. Do not get caught by the “You must have a remote monitoring and management agent” which you pay monthly for per workstation. We are here to share we “Manage” and are a “Service Provider” but do not subscribe to a single, one shoe fits all, approach … as we know all are unique in their needs.

These days the majority of IT services are done remotely, so we have to work at delivering the white glove customer experience and build a strong relationship for the long run. We communicate, train, and have onsite visits to maintain a personal presence and a solid customer relationship. As an MSP focused on small and medium businesses, as well as local government, we know it is personal.

With all the variations of attacks, we have taken the approach of empowering our clients so they may take an active educated stance in protecting themselves. The vast majority of breaches are from human error. To combat this, we need every computer user to be an empowered user. They need to understand how to protect themselves on the internet and be skeptical of every email received. With this mindset we have found our clients are now sharing threats with us and asking if this email is legitimate!

The other hype is “The Cloud”. The cloud being various servers around the world on the internet which are publicly accessible although accessed via a secure channel over the internet. We found “The Cloud” was derived from the need of Stakeholders to have a steady monthly stream of income instead of waiting on users to “upgrade”. By implementing software as a service in the cloud they found a way to create cash flow for themselves. Yes, cloud may be the solution for some, but the vast majority of users will find it is much more expensive when all aspects are considered … from increased internet speed needed, local IT to ensure workstations/networks can access the cloud, and then the additional cloud options needed to backup and secure the data.

We will help analyze your organizations needs and develop a solution to manage your services and software which best suits your unique needs and wants while empowering you and your team! Stop feeling like you are on an island with one size fits all solutions and contact us today!